Cambridge Blues Calendar 2017
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Like Cambridge’s iconic architecture? Love a bit of nakedness? Need some organisation in your life?

We’ve got just the thing.

On behalf of the Cambridge Raising and Giving (RAG) society, we present to you: the RAG Blues Naked Calendar!

The first of its kind in Cambridge, this carefully curated 2017 calendar sports 12 outRAGeous photos of the illustrious Cambridge Blues athletes, ripping off their RAGs in their most unnatural habitats, all to raise money for charity.

WARNING: after a glimpse of these glossy pages, you might never see places like the Fitzwilliam Museum, Botanic Gardens, or Union Chamber in the same light again…

Having bought this calendar, you’ve not only treated yourself to a glorious 12 months, but also all profits from your purchase go directly to the Lewy Body Society and Help Refugees.

A huge shout out to everyone who’s been involved in this project. To our daring models, to all the lovely people from the colleges, museums and gardens, and - of course - to our wonderful photographer, Ant, thank you.


RAG x 


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Cambridge Blues Calendar 2017
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